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Power of VIVID UI Part 1: Improved Operability

Mobile phones continue to evolve as newly developed functions are added one after another, but the mounting number of functions has made the retention of intuitive operability difficult. Creating a mobile phone that is easy for everybody to use is now a serious challenge. Seniors, children, and homemakers, as well as people in all kinds of careers use mobile phones. A "one size fits all" mobile phone is extremely difficult to create for such a wide spectrum of users. Acrodea's VIVID UIR does not facilitate mobile phone usage directly, but addresses the menus and operations of a mobile phone to improve the ease of use by permitting access to needed functions without extra effort. For example, SoftBank Mobile permits familiar menu layouts from previous handsets to be set in new models. This is one case of adopting VIVID UI where mobile phones can be customized according to user needs.

Power of VIVID UI Part 2: Improved Expression

Another feature of VIVID UI is the power of expression. The screen can now display 2D and 3D graphics, as well as video, in combination. Menu screens can readily undergo theme changes for icons, and video can spice up the first and second levels of menu hierarchy. Leveraging this wealth of expression, the DoCoMo model SH903i has adopted the technology, which can even enable video content with the attractive "Kisekae Tool".

Power of VIVID UI Part 3: Improved Development Efficiency

The authoring of VIVID UI employs a tool called the Workshop, which is GUI based. The tool eliminates coding work, and can generate code script like a Web page design tool. The work of programmer and designer can also be neatly separated during UI development. Designers simply assign UI components to the menu screens to express freely the desired UI appearance. Workshop can also verify the operation of created UI menus. Consequently, designers spend less production time in a visually more intuitive environment.

Power of VIVID UI Part 4: Vast Potential

In addition to mobile phones, home electronics products, such as LCD TV sets and HDD recorders, are increasing their functions that lead to more complicated operations. VIVID UI is a viable technology in this product domain also. As a highly versatile solution, VIVID UI will respond in the future to the "I wish I had" desires across all kinds of industrial fields.

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